Don't Ignore Your Check Engine Light

Don't Ignore Your Check Engine Light

Bring your car in today for reliable service in Grand Junction, CO

When your check engine light turns on, don't panic. Bring your car to Car Tech Automotive & Diagnostics Inc. in Grand Junction, CO. Our experienced technicians can diagnose your vehicle issues and recommended the best course of action.

Once your car trouble has been diagnosed, we'll get right to work so you can get back on the road. Don't leave your safety up to chance; trust an expert with your car maintenance. Call today to schedule your repairs.

What causes a check engine light to turn on?

There are many reasons your check engine light may be on.

The issues could be mechanical or electrical with varying degrees of complexity. Ignoring a check engine light may lead to catastrophic failure. We have up-to-date equipment and diagnostic tools to figure out why the check engine light came on.
Whatever your automotive repair needs, our team is ready to help. Visit us today for your car maintenance.